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Learning Support Center

The Learning Support Center (LSC) at DWS "levels the playing field" for students by providing them with study strategies, organization skills and other tools that enable them to achieve success. Accomodations such as extended test taking time, are designed to suit every student's learning style.

Programs Offered by the LSC

Comprehensive Program (available for grades K5 - 12)

This program is available for all students, including those who have an identified Learning Disability, other Health Impaired Disability and/or Attention Deficit Disorder. Under this program, students are assigned to the Learning Center on a specific schedule. The cost of this program per semester is $650 for Lower School students and for students at the Upper Campus cost is $750 for three days a week and $900 for 5 days a week.

For recommended students, the LSC will set up testing with Dougherty County or assist with arrangements with an outside testing agency. Parents who are interested should visit the LSC and get additional information on the Comprehensive Program.

The Comprehensive program serves students by:

  • Structuring study time
  • Providing academic tutoring
  • Teaching test-taking strategies
  • Teaching study strategies
  • Managing testing accommodations
  • Working with classroom teachers to provide other accommodations
  • Interpreting educational evaluations for parents and teachers
  • Maintaining communication with classroom teachers
  • Providing updates to parents

Each classroom teacher receives a written plan of accommodations prepared by the LSC. This plan is based on the recommendations supported by the students’ evaluations. The LSC helps the classroom teachers manage the accommodations appropriate for each student.

During the time a child is involved with the LSC, the LSC will maintain open communication with the teachers and parents to insure the best coordinated guidance and support for the student.

Students in the Upper School, diagnosed as having a learning disability that qualifies them for extended time on tests (classroom and/or standarized), will be allowed this accommodation. The LSC also works with the College Board to help students who qualify receive accomodations on PSAT, SAT and ACT. Proper documentation must be on file in the Learning Support Center before this accommodation will be allowed.

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