The DWS Endowment represents a permanent and perpetual “savings account” that ensures our school’s long-term financial stability. Your contribution funds a lifetime investment in the future of our children for generations to come.

The History of the DWS Endowment

In 1999, the Board of Trustees approved the "Endow Deerfield-Windsor" campaign which outlined a thorough plan for school growth in areas of people, spaces, and programs.  Since then, the DWS Endowment Fund has grown to $3.5 million - due to the generous support of our benefactors and careful investment and stewardship of their gifts.

The Value of Endowment Giving

While gifts to our Annual Fund provide critical dollars for the School’s annual operating budget, gifts to the endowment are an investment in the long-term financial health of the school.  The principal is invested to serve present and future generations of students, and a portion of the endowment’s income (annual earnings) may be used in perpetuity to help Deerfield-Windsor weather financial ups and downs.

To date, the school has not drawn on endowment income for operating expenses because of the financial diligence exercised in managing school budgets and expenses, and because the Board and Administration have made the endowment’s growth a priority.  Instead, earnings have been rolled back into the principal and reinvested to work toward a larger reserve for the School’s long term security.  

Reasons for Giving

The decision to support the DWS Endowment Fund is unique for each person. Some want to “give back,” others want to honor someone who had an impact on their personal development, still others believe giving to the School is an investment in the future of education in southwest Georgia.  Whatever the reason, all endowment funds at DWS help ensure the long-term viability of the school and fulfillment of its mission. It is also a unique way for a donor’s legacy of philanthropy to live on for years to come by nurturing the hearts and minds of area children for generations.

How to Give

There are a multitude of ways to underwrite the future success of our school and students.  Outright gifts of cash or stock are the most common form of gift.  Multi-year pledges can also be made for greater flexibility and convenience.  Planned gifts may also fund a naming opportunity.  Whatever the vehicle, your gift will become part of an exciting and dynamic future for education at Deerfield-Windsor School.



Results of a Strong Endowment

  • greater financial flexibility for weathering economic ups and downs
  • less dependency on yearly tuition increases
  • top faculty compensation and benefits
  • extended access to qualified, deserving students regardless of income level
  • exceptional academic experiences with a rich and varied curriculum
  • preservation and enhancement of the campuses