Upper School

With only four years left in their Deerfield-Windsor journey and college waiting at the end of twelfth grade, upper school is the opportunity for our students to find their passion and to mature into young men and women with purpose, ability, and integrity. 

With a course selection that includes an excellent core curriculum, as well as, electives ranging from art and band to ecology, psychology, world religions and Greek mythology, our students are prepared for college by the high expectations of their teachers and the opportunity to select their own path. 

At the senior level, students have semester seminar options in Science and English that mimic a collegiate course catalogue. Despite the many different choices available to our students, our two-semester composition requirement, our fine arts and PE requirements, and a four year requirement in Science, English and Math ensure that our students get a well-balanced, broadly based, liberal arts education. Our college counselor, individual advisors, and upper-school counselor help steer students in looking for, getting into, and being successful in the right college for them. 

Outside the classroom, upper school students can be involved in countless ways. With a highly successful athletic program, outstanding Literary, One-Act and debate programs, and a wide-variety of clubs and extracurricular activities, our students stay busy well after the school bell rings. Our Science club, Key Club, Spanish Club, Friends of Rachel Club, and many others, provide our students leadership roles and chances to practice responsibility in a peer group. In addition, the yearbook and newspaper staffs learn everything from layouts and writing, to working with deadlines and selling ad space. 

Dedicated to giving back to our community, Deerfield-Windsor School requires fifty-five hours of community service prior to graduation in order to spur our students to think about the world outside our own community. While there are too many things to list here, we hope you can tell that we want our graduates to be strong students, involved leaders, and thoughtful citizens. We hope that you will visit us and see what makes Deerfield-Windsor School so special.

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Upper School Events

Aug 11

Upper School Registration and Pictures

Time: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: Guillebeau Hall
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Aug 12

MS/US First Day of Classes