Lower School students participate in a variety of enrichment classes. All students from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade participate in weekly classes in Art, Music, Spanish, PE, Media Center/Library, Computer, and STEAM. Because we believe in the importance of play for young children, our students have recess every day in addition to their PE classes.


Students in all grades participate in art classes. Our youngest students have class twice a week for 30 minutes. Beginning in first grade, art classes are a full hour to allow time for students to delve deeper into their projects and to use more complex techniques. In the spring, each student has a piece of artwork on display at our Blooming Artist Showcase which is open to school families and guests.


Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten attend music for 30 minutes each week. First grade has music class for 45 minutes a week. Beginning in second grade, students have 30 minute music classes twice a week. Throughout the year, each grade level performs a musical production for parents and the school. These musicals include costumes, scenery, speaking parts, musical instruments, solos, and of course, singing!


Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students attend Spanish for 30 minutes each week to gain confidence in basic conversation and pronunciation. First through fourth grade students receive an hour of Spanish instruction per week and focus on various topics through contextualized reading and themed units. In preparation for middle school academics, fifth graders receive 90 minutes of Spanish instruction per week, allowing students to build upon existing knowledge while extending cultural awareness.

Physical Education

The PE curriculum emphasizes physical fitness for every child through developmentally appropriate activities and skills. Second, third, and fourth graders attend PE four times a week for 30 minutes each class. Fifth grade and first grade have PE three times a week. Due to their shortened school day, PK and K have PE once a week. These younger classes do have more than one recess a day. In May, our 5th grade students organize and run a mini field day for our PK and K students. The following Friday is the Field Day for grades 1st-5th. This is an entire day dedicated to friendly competition and fun.

Media Center/Library

Students in grades PK through second have a designated 30 minute library time each week. During this time, they may listen to a story and complete a related activity that promotes literacy, critical thinking skills, and an appreciation for literature. The media center is continuously open during the school day for all students to check out books.


Students in grades pre-kindergarten to 5th grade attend technology class once a week for 30 minutes in the technology lab. All students receive a Google Education account and begin to use the accounts along with Google Apps for Education starting in 1st grade. PK and K students learn to navigate the computer with the mouse by using educational games. In addition to learning Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets and Slides, 1st-5th grade curriculum includes Internet safety, digital citizenship, keyboarding and online research. Computer coding begins in PK and advances through 5th grade. 4th graders are 1:1 with iPads and 5th graders travel with their 1:1 Chromebooks throughout the school day.