Upper School

A "typical" DWS student does not exist- our Upper School students are interesting people! Whether participating in world language competitions, leading the varsity baseball team to a State Championship or starring in the spring musical, Deerfield-Windsor is a school where being fully engaged is not only accepted- it is expected!

During their four years in our Upper School, students experience academic rigor balanced with abounding opportunities in the arts, athletics and other co-curricular activities. Mentored by skilled and compassionate teachers, our students thrive in small classes and a supportive environment. Emphasis on collaboration, critical thinking, and self-management are fundamental in our student-centered approach. Our students find their voices, discover their passions, build their confidence and complete a transformational journey that prepares them for success in college and beyond.

Our Upper School is a remarkable place to learn. Visit our campus and see firsthand what makes our School special.