English 4.0 units
Mathematics 4.0 units including Algebra I and II, Geometry, or more advanced
Social Studies 3.0 units including World History, US History, and AP Government or Government & Economics
Science 4.0 units including Physics, Biology, & Chemistry
World Language 2.0 units (in the same language)
Physical Education 1.0 unit
Fine Arts 0.5 unit
Total Required
18.5 units
Electives 3.5 units
TOTAL 22.0 units

Students are required to complete 55 volunteer hours.

Students are required to take six (6) subjects each semester, five (5) of which must be core courses. One exception to the course requirements is a senior taking four (4) AP classes. That student may replace the sixth course with a study hall.  The other five (5) classes must be core classes.

Course Descriptions