College Counseling

With the ever changing and increasingly competitive world of college admissions, DWS recognizes the importance of equipping students with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful both in high school and beyond.

Through a highly individualized program that involves both students and their families, our College Counseling program supports, nurtures, and educates while providing the tools necessary to successfully navigate the college admissions process. The ultimate goal is for each Upper School student to find the college or university that best matches the individual’s goals and interests.

Our program begins in 6th grade and continues through the senior year with increasingly more involved programming. Students are educated in the importance of establishing a strong academic record as well as participating in community service projects, athletics, special interest pursuits, and leadership opportunities. Through monthly group meetings, individual counseling sessions, visits with college representatives, SAT and ACT advice, and assistance with applications, interviews, and scholarships, the College Counselor assists in creating the appropriate path for each Upper School student.

Each student at DWS is unique, and the individual’s strengths, talents and preferences are considered throughout the college counseling process. Our College Counselor is fully committed to finding the best-fit college for each student - a college where the student will thrive, excel, and contribute.