As our athletes graduate from Deerfield-Windsor School, the Athletic Department and fans are proud to follow those who are given the opportunity to play sports at the collegiate level. If you know of an alumnus who is not included below, please feel free to contact the Athletic Department.

Grad Year Athlete School
2022 Tyren LeBeauf Southwest Georgia Technical College (Basketball)
2021 Gleaton Jones University of Georgia (Football)
2021 Parker Jones University of Georgia (Football)
2021 Haleigh Joslin Gordon State College (Soccer)
2021 Lauren Roberts Georgia Military College (Soccer)
2020 Joe Morgan Tennessee Tech University (Baseball)
2020 Charlotte Augenstein University of Georgia (Track & Field)
2018 Baylin Moore Georgia College & State University (Baseball)
2018 Sarah Norton University of Georgia (Danceline)
2018 Garrett Jones University of Georgia (Football)
2018 Camryn Bridges Columbus State University (Track & Field)
2018 Ethan Merritt Lee University (Track & Field)
2018 Leslie Sosby Georgia State University
2017 Steven Williams Auburn University (Baseball)
2017 Jon Jacobs Birmingham Southern University (Football)
2017 Grant Wollam Wofford College (Men's Soccer)
2017 Kendyll Freeman Covenant College (Women's Soccer)
2017 Parker Morgan Columbus State University (Women's Soccer)
2017 Rachel Sullivan Siena College (Women's Soccer)
2016 Charles Crosby Chattahoochee State Community College (Baseball)
2016 Connor Lawson Georgia Southern University (Football)
2016 Brian Forrestal Mercer University (Football)
2016 Tara Young Wingate University (Track & Field)
2016 Virginia Moore University of Georgia (Track & Field)
2015 Landon Brettel ABAC (Baseball)
2015 Austin Cain Georgia Institute of Technology (Football)
2015 Haley Kincheloe Darton College (Women's Soccer)
2015 Cheyenne Colvin Darton College (Women's Soccer)
2014 Jamie Roberts University of Georgia (Danceline)
2014 Maci Williams University of Georgia (Danceline)
2014 D. Oliver Davis Georgia Southern University (Football)
2014 D. Joseph Davis Georgia Southern University (Football)
2013 Ke'Marvin Pitts Troy University (Football)
2013 Patrick Forrestal United State Naval Academy (Football)
2013 Casey Kincheloe Kennesaw State University (Women's Soccer)
2012 Lindsey Short Gordon State College (Baseball)
2012 Devon Dasher University of Georgia (Danceline)
2012 Gaugh Ivey Valdosta State University (Football)
2012 Andrew Sullivan Maryville College (Men's Soccer)
2012 Collin Dennis Darton College (Men's Soccer)
2012 Reed Hancock University of Alabama (Track & Field)
2012 Candace Cosby Armstrong State University (Women's Soccer)
2012 Katie Williams Birmingham Southern University
(Women's Soccer)
2011 Chris Moates Yale University (Baseball)
2010 Tony Zenon Georgia Institute of Technology (Football)
2010 Kelly Conway Clemson University (Track & Field)
2009 Evan Boyd Mercer University (Baseball)
2009 Andy Clack Birmingham Southern University (Football)
2009 Lee Spratlin Birmingham Southern University (Football)
2009 Andy Clack Birmingham Southern University (Football)
2009 T.J. Mitchell University of Georgia (Golf)
2008 Collin Ho Valdosta State University (Golf)
2008 Andre Young Clemson University (Men's Basketball)
2008 Andrew Cleland King College (Men's Basketball)
2008 John Smith University of Georgia (Track & Field)
2008 Shelby Cosby Kennesaw State University (Women's Soccer)
2007 Paul Reese Georgia Institute of Technology (Football)
2007 Tracy Mitchell Armstrong State University (Women's Soccer)
2006 Josh Carswell Middle Georgia College (Baseball)
2004 Katie Raines University of Georgia (Danceline)
2004 Kyle Belcher Georgia Institute of Technology (Football)
2003 Joey Carroll University of Georgia (Baseball)
2003 Wayne Riles Georgia Institute of Technology (Football)
2002 Narada Kelson Charleston Southern University (Football)