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Event Details

Athletics Event

Swimming Swimming - Varsity Girls
Colquitt County High School
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Southwest Pool
1101 5th Ave SW
Moultrie, GA 31768
  1. Start out going west on Stuart Avetoward Nottingham Way.
      Then 0.10 miles
    1. Take the 1st right onto Nottingham Way.
      1. If you reach Redwood Ct you've gone a little too far
      Then 0.19 miles
    2. Merge onto US-82 E/GA-520 E.
        Then 6.03 miles
      1. Stay straight to go onto US-19 S/GA-3 S.
          Then 2.49 miles
        1. Take the GA-234/GA-133 exit, EXIT1, toward Albany/Moultrie/Marine Corps Logistics Base.
            Then 0.23 miles
          1. Turn left onto GA-234.
              Then 0.38 miles
            1. GA-234 becomes GA-133.
                Then 20.96 miles
              1. Turn slight right onto GA Highway 133 N/GA-133.
                1. GA Highway 133 N is just past Freeman St
                Then 5.97 miles
              2. Turn slight right onto Old Doerun Rd.
                1. If you are on GA Highway 133 N and reachOld Albany Rd you've gone about 1.6 miles too far
                Then 5.40 miles
              3. Turn right onto W Bypass NW.
                1. W Bypass NW is 0.1 miles past Carlton Hl
                2. If you reach Willow Ln you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
                Then 1.30 miles
              4. Turn left onto W Central Ave/GA-37.
                1. W Central Ave is just past 1st Ave NW
                2. If you are on West Blvd and reachGreenwood Ave you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
                Then 0.43 miles
              5. Take the 3rd right onto 11th St SW.
                1. 11th St SW is just past Park Ave SW
                2. If you reach 10th St SW you've gone a little too far
                Then 0.33 miles
              6. Turn left onto 5th Ave SW.
                1. 5th Ave SW is just past 4th Ave SW
                2. If you reach 7th Ave SW you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
                Then 0.00 miles
              7. 1101 5th Ave SW, Moultrie, GA 31768-4427, 1101 5TH AVE SW is on the right.