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Help Us Maintain Safety

We are in need of your help. As a reminder, DWS has a non-essential visitor restriction in place to continue the mitigation of the spread of germs during Covid-19. If your child has forgotten something essential, such as medication, please contact your student's division to arrange a drop-off.  In the spirit of doing all we can to keep our doors open for in-school instruction, we are no longer able to accommodate the dropping off of non-essential items such as forgotten instruments, snacks, lunches, homework, books, clothes, etc.   As we continue to adjust to our daily routines and implement new safety protocols, it is important to continue working with your child to plan ahead before the next school day. Make sure to go over a checklist of all that will be needed to accomplish the tasks and interests of the next day.  Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us to protect our school environment. We are partnering with you to keep everyone safe! 

It's important to remember the vast majority of people who contract COVID-19 experience mild symptoms or no symptoms, yet we understand people are rightly concerned since this is a new illness, and we still have a lot to learn about it. To minimize the spread of this and other illnesses such as the flu, it is vital that you practice proper hand hygiene, avoid people who are sick and stay home if you're not feeling well.

Deerfield-Windsor School will continue to observe CDC recommendations and guidelines. Please refer to these often to stay updated.

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The school is also monitoring state and federal emergency management agencies as well as the following public health resources:

Georgia Department of Public Health:

CDC Workplace, School, and Home Guidance:

Link to Resource for Managing Mental Health During COVID-19
Download Albany Chamber of Commerce - COVID-19 - Federal Aid Update

Please see the CDC travel guidelines and tips here: