KGT 2024 Winners

DWS proudly announces the winners of its highly anticipated talent show, KGT 2024. The event showcased a diverse range of extraordinary talents, captivating the audience and highlighting the immense creativity within our community.

After an exhilarating evening of exceptional performances, the panel of  judges had the challenging task of selecting the winners from a pool of incredibly talented individuals. The competition was fierce, with Knights showcasing their skills.

DWS is delighted to present the winners of KGT 2024.

  1. First Place: Susan Scott

    • piano – “Velocity” by Johann Friedrich Burgmuller Op. 109, No. 10

  2. Second Place: Ladies of the 80's (Elizabeth Allen, Lily Kate Castle, Abby Taylor)

    • Theatrical Dance – Journey through the 80’s
  3. Third Place: Lauren Johnson

    • piano – “Golden Hour”

In addition to the top three winners, DWS would like to express gratitude and recognition for all participants who contributed to the success of the event. The talent showcased was truly remarkable, reflecting the vibrant and diverse community we are privileged to be a part of.