Graham Ford Breaks School Record
Graham Ford Breaks School Record

Congratulations to our athletes who competed at The Deerfield-Windsor Invitational on September 19th! Graham Ford broke the school record in the 5k with a time of 16:04.

Here is our updated boys all-time list following the Deerfield-Windsor Invitational. Graham Ford set a new school record in the 5k, while Jon Durham, Garrison Slaughter, and Charles Peeler all moved up on the list.

Updated – 9/19/2020

1. Graham Ford(2020) 16:04(Deerfield-Windsor Invitational)
2. Porter Hill (2019) 16:18(GISA State)
3. Jon Durham(2020) 16:28(Deerfield-Windsor Invitational)
4. Ethan Merritt(2016) 16:37(Westover Invitational)
5. Taylor Withers(2010) 17:05(GISA State)
6. Garrison Slaughter(2020) 17:18(Deerfield-Windsor Invitational)
7. Jonathan Willis(2018) 17:29(GISA State)
8. Marcus Gouthro(2012) 17:30(GISA State)
9. Ford Bennett(2018) 17:58(Deerfield-Windsor Invitational)
10. Rishi Patel(2018) 17:59(Deerfield-Windsor Invitational)
11. Sam Yarborough(2019) 18:10(Alexander/ASICS Invitational)
12. Charles Peeler(2020) 18:16(Deerfield-Windsor Invitational)
13. Joe Tondera(2016) 18:23(Westover Invitational)
14. Courtland Buntin(2017) 18:27(GISA Region 3AAA)
15. Ofe Ariyo(2009) 18:30(Mercer Invitational)
16. Hadden Kelly(2012) 18:45(GISA State)
Brynn Sammons(2017) 18:45(Deerfield-Windsor Invitational)
18. Drew Griffin(2018) 18:49(USATF Meet of Champions)
19. Daniel Talley(2009) 19:08(GISA State)
20. Jackson Eubanks(2016) 19:09(Westover Invitational)
21. Jackson Belusko(2019) 19:15(GISA State)
22. Jackson Allegood(2015) 19:17(GISA Region 3AAA)
23. Devin Gunter(2017) 19:29(GISA Region 3AAA)
24. Cody Callahan(2013) 19:32(Deerfield-Darton Dash)
25. Fletcher White(2012) 19:34(GISA State)
26. R.J. Truever(2006) 19:56(GISA State)
Pete Langstaff(2010) 19:57(GISA State)