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Students Attend College Fair
Students Attend College Fair

Deerfield-Windsor School was invited to participate in the annual Kipp-Lovett-Westminster College Fair in Atlanta. An invitation only event, Deerfield-Windsor was the only participating school in South Georgia (south of Columbus). With over 275 colleges from all over the country, students had the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with admissions officers. "There are so many advantages to going to this college fair. By having the opportunity to speak directly to the admissions team, I was able to get information I would never have gleaned from a website," explains Upper School junior, Yash Jani. Students had the day to approach the colleges that peeked their interest. Students were enthusiastic about their unexpected personal experiences. "I walked away from the experience very surprised. I made visits to the colleges I was "certain" were for me. But to my surprise, it was my conversations with the schools that I did not think were for me that I will now pursue!" says Upper School senior Lewis Smith. When asked what this experience allowed him to accomplish for his college search, Upper School senior Alfred Woodard explained, "As a senior, I already know where I will be applying so I had the opportunity to go directly to my college tables and have a conversation directly with the admission officer to understand all the things I need to include and highlight in my application. It gave me an advantage I would not have had if I had not attended." Of the over 275 colleges available, the sizes varied from large to small. When asked to explain the advantages of talking to smaller colleges, Upper School junior Porter Hill says, "by speaking with smaller colleges, we were able to approach those tables and complete impression cards. By doing this, and talking personally with them, it will give me advantage over those who did not have the conversation when the time comes for me to apply."