Parents Association

The Deerfield-Windsor Parents Association (PA) is a vibrant and vital part of the Deerfield-Windsor family. Its mission is to provide parents with opportunities to support the School through volunteer activities, fundraising events, and enhanced communication between parents, teachers and administration.

The DWS Parent Association (PA) creates engaging opportunities for families as they assist our school in fulfilling our mission of preparing students for college and beyond. The PA hosts fundraising events, parent programming, teacher appreciation and much more. Every parent of a DWS student is a member and is encouraged to find a place to volunteer in the PA.

PA Officers

  • Leslie Owens - President
  • Shanna Aderhold - LS PA Vice President
  • Kristen Fuller- M/US PA Vice President


Lower School:
Tiffany Dismuke

Middle/Upper School:

Why America is Free

Why America is Free is an in-depth 6 week study of the American Revolution that is hands-on and cross curricular. Thanks to the generosity of The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America- Albany Town Committee, DWS is able to provide this learning experience for our 5th graders as part of their Social Studies curriculum.

The culmination of the program is Patriot’s Day, a marvelous daylong event during which the students, dressed in full Revolutionary Period clothing, participate in activities related to that era.

Patriots Day is November 21, 2019.

Day - Shanna Aderhold, Heidi Ellion, Angie Jordan

Night - Ashley Barrow, Heather Davis, Stephanie Fountain,

New Family Outreach

  • Ashley Barrow - LS
  • Laura Haygood - M/US

Fundraising /Events

Discount CardsLeslie Owens, Kristen Fuller, Shanna Aderhold- Business Contact
Carmen Wiggins - Sales Coordinator
Chocolate Sale (LS)Shanna Aderhold
Katie Hockman
Chocolate Sale (M/US)Kristen Fuller
Leslie Owens
Talent ShowBanks Margeson
Malinda Pollock
Brandi Singleton
Online AuctionStephanie Fountain
Staci Wright
Mint Jubilee
Tuition RaffleBrandi Ivy


Lower School:
Angie Jordan - Snack Coordinator

School Supply Kits

  • Jade Kavanaugh

Grade Level Representatives

K4 - Erin Cannington
K5 - Brannon Medley
1st - Brandi Fickel
2nd - Pinki Patel
3rd - Bethany McAfee
4th - Heather Davis
5th - Nancy Martin
6th - Brandy Dew
7th - Whitney Newman
8th - Allison Sternenberg
9th - Molly Strickland & Kristen Fuller
10th - Lynn Gray
11th - Cherie Douthit
12th -Mary Helen Morgan

Fine Arts Coordinators

Lower School - Lindsey Toole

Middle/Upper School - Brandi Singleton