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Showing Your Support

Like all independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating our students. The school relies on the benevolence of our charitable partners to fulfill our mission and meet the demands of our operating budget.

Deerfield-Windsor School is very grateful for the support of the DWS extended family. If not for our parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty/staff, corporate friends and volunteers, it would be difficult for us to maintain our standard of excellence. By giving your time and treasure, we are able to create a premier college preparatory school environment.

Since its beginning in 1964, Deerfield-Windsor has enjoyed a tradition of philanthropy dedicated to fulfilling our mission. DWS not only strives to provide our students with the highest quality education, but also with character development. Therefore, we believe it is essential for DWS families to exemplify philanthropic behavior. In doing so, you emphasize social responsibility and advocate for our school.

We encourage families to find a place to volunteer their time and talents to DWS. The opportunities to volunteer are endless and meaningful. The amount each family and individual gives is a personal decision. Please make Deerfield-Windsor a priority in your charitable giving.

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