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Thank you for honoring Every Knight through your support of The DW Fund!

Community Foundation Of South Georgia, Inc.

Toole Industrial Inc.

Suntrust Foundation

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.

SB&T Bank

The National Society of Colonial Dames of American

Flynn Peeler & Phillips, LLC

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

Amazon Smile

Texas Instruments Foundation

Mac and Kim Abel

Alvin and Janice Adams

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Aderhold

Dr. Devi Akella

Debbie and Steve Allen

Rushton and Angie Allen

Bobby and Donna Armstrong

Donny and Sheresa '80 Arrington

Clay and Nickolette Banks

Jake and Ashley Barrow

Mr. and Mrs. John Barton

Ms. Morgan Basone

Ray and Genia Bennett

Bert and Hilary Bennett

Mr. Hugh E. Berry

Joe '75 and Carol Bishop

Mrs. Helen Jennings Black

Mrs. Suzanne Bohannon

Clara Bond

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Brett

Tracy and Shanna Bridges

Drew and Amy Broadaway

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Broadaway

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brock

Tony and Alison Bueschen

Ms. Tammie Bumgardner

Dale and Rose Burleson

Travis and Jenny Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Royce M. Cannington, Jr.

Chris and Marjorie '90 Carden

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Carter

Tommy and Becky Carter

Chad and Cathie '88 Chandler

Clay '93 and Traci Chapman

Ms. Marjorie Childre

Tommy and Dana Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Clawson

Barry and Bobbie Cohen

Ed '82 and Beth Collier

Mike Cooper

Sonny Cox

Keith '88 and Jennifer Cromartie

Ernie and Linda Culpepper

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Darden

Alan '81 and Lisa '81 Dasher

Todd and April Daughtry

Dave and Gina Davies

Jonathan and Kacey Davis

Todd and Kim Davis

Temp and Catherine Davis

Walker and Angela Davis

Joe and Amy Dent

Marsden and Anne deRosset

Stephen and Brandy '96 Dew

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dingman

Shealy Dixon

Bruce and Virginia Dorminy

Ken and Stephanie Drawdy

Jane Duenckel

David and Cathy Durland

Jim and Nancy Dykhouse

Christy Eakes

Jo Eckhardt

Mike and Dunia Edwards

Wade '84 and Margaret Ellis

Jeff and Susan Eubanks

Scott and Fran Eubanks

Steve and Sharon Evans

Debbie Evans

Stewart and Brandi Fickel

Ms. Connie Finnicum

Dr. E.E. and Beth Flournoy

Todd and Misty '85 Ford

Heath '93 and Stephanie Fountain

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Fox

Greg and Sue Freeman

John and Missy Funderburk

Crisp and Katie '02 Gatewood

Stuart and Lee Geriner

Tomilyn Giles

Davis and Jana Gill

John and Cathy Gleaton

Laura and Jim Goode

Lem and Dona Lyn Goodpasture

Steve and Dee Goss

Russell and Lynn Gray

Charlie and Linda Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Greene

Stephen and Terri '89 Griffin

Gordy and Meredith Gruhl

Mary Guill

David '79 and Janet Guillebeau

Beverly Guillebeau '11

Leroy and Neville Hall

Alyx Hall '94

Brad '89 and Lori '87 Hallford

Tony and Tania Hammack

Bryan and Melody Hardegree

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hardegree, Jr.

Brad and Dacia Harris

John and Jennifer Hatcher

Rev. and Mrs. David Haygood

Bo '93 and Kate Henry

David and Adrienne Hill

Larry and Katie Hockman

Mr. Jim Hockman

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hockman

Troy and Marylin Hodges

Ron and Stacy Holman

Rod Holt

Howard and Dell Holton

Hollis '91 and Tina Hood

Jeff and Jeanette Hoopes

Scott and Debra Horton

Lindsey Horton

Jim and Trish Hotz

Ivy Inman '08

Steve and Babs Jack

Cathy and Alan '82 Jones

Kirk and Marlin '92 Jones

Larry and Mary Jordan

Elmina and Ladd Jordan

Milton and Angela Jordan

Manish and Hetal Joshi

Aly and Brandy Joslin

Han and Hana Kim

Ms. Jo Kimbrel

Drs. Steve and Kay Kitchen

Dot Knepp

Collins and Sharon Knight

John and Marie Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Krivos

Dan and Debbie Kromminga

Stephen and Shannon Lacovara

Alan and Henrietta '79 Ladson

Suresh and Beth Lakhanpal

John '77 and Ivy '78 Lane

Mark & Donna Lane

Bucky and Jenna Leach

Doug and Debbie Lentz

Chip and Jennifer Leveson

Chuck and Merritt Logan

Allen '79 and Piper Lowe

Graham and Betty Lowe

Chris '75 and Dawn '75 Mann

Roy '82 and Deborah Manoll

Jessica Marshall

Ms. Patsy C. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Maxwell

Dr. and Mrs. Michael May

Jay and Bethany '98 McAfee

Mike and Lauren McDonald

Mrs. Susanne McDonald

Bob and Connie McGee

Eddie and Anita McKenzie

Bob and Barbara McLendon

Adam '01 and Haley McLendon

Pete McSwain

Ms. Kathrin Meskell

Carolyn Middlebrooks

Cliff and Alee '81 Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Misamore

Ron and Tina Mitchell

Steve and Irene Mitchell

Mrs. Marjorie M. Mitchell

Jon '93 and Middi Moore

Rusty and Renee Moore

Nick and Shelly Moore

Duncan '87 and Angie Moore

Hugh and Crystal Morris

Mr. and Mrs. David Mullins

Angie Murdock

Jackson and Abby Murphy, '91

Ashtin Nall

Rick and Cindy Neal

Edmund & Sue Nobles

Brent and Mindy Northrop

Todd and Anne Northrop

John and Lane Norton

Mr. and Mrs. John T. O'Brien

Dave and Hannah Orlowski

Mrs. Lorene Owens

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Owens

Mr. Ashton Pace '09

Cheryl Palmer

John and Nicole Patteson

David '79 and Jodi Peacock

Charlie and Melissa '89 Peeler

Jackson '94 and Meredith '95 Pennington

Patty Perles

Steve and Suzanne Perrine

Fran Perrine

Mike Perrine

Paul and Karen Phillips

Kirt '95 and Mandy Phillips

Joe and Kristin Pierce

Bob and Joy Pilcher

Morris and Marcia Rainey

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Revell

Bob and Cathy Revell

Craig and Heather Rhodes

Scott and Jennifer '87 Ricks

Ralph '73 and Kay Rodgers

Rev. and Mrs. Ernie Rogers

Phil and Donna '77 Rouse

Matt and Casey Rushton

Tony and Beth-Anne Sammons

Irmgard and Bryan Schopen-Davis

Will and Paige Sells

Chris and Lisa '85 Shaw

Ashley Shepard

Charles and Janice Sheppard

Donald and Jane Shirah

Paul and Alicia Shirah

Ms. Mandi Simmons

Cub and Sheila Smith

Mark '89 and Anita Smith

Bill and Donna Spangler

Hal and Polly Stadnik

Brad and Lorrie Stafford

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stevenson

Lindsey Stewart '00

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Stone

Mr. and Mrs. David Stonecipher

Bo and Molly Strickland

Geoffrey and Cynthia Sudderth

Tom '82 and Colleen '85 Sullivan

Frank '87 and Meredith Sullivan

Katie and Victor '04 Sullivan

John and Mary Jo Takash

Mrs. Dorothy Takash

Scott and Celia Taylor

Frank and Teressa Taylor

Tommy and Kelly Thornton

Alex and Christy Tinsley

Dr. Benjamin and Lindsay Toole

Carl and Louann Turnage

Austin and Allison Turner

Thomas and Ellen Ungarino

Buck '93 and Jennifer Walden

Woody and Lauren '93 Watson

Joel Wernick

Mr. Chuck Willcox

Jason and DeeDee Willcox

Allan and Jenna '03 Willcox

Jay and Lynn Williams

Ben and Kimberly Williams

Warren '89 and Suzanne Willis

Sherman and Jean Willis

Mrs. Anna Wilschetz '11

David and Jane Wilson

Margaret '78 and Doug Wilson

Darin and Maria Wood

Mrs. Ethel D Woodall

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Wright

Patrick and Lisa Wurst

Dr. Daniel Yacono

Jay and Heather Yeiser

*Donors as of 11/18/16