College Counseling

Deerfield-Windsor School is proud of our highly individualized college counseling program that partners with parents to empower students in their college decisions.  

To guide students and parents through this process, we have put together the College Counseling Guidebook. It is full of tools and resources to help students discover potential colleges, prepare for admissions, understand financial aid and ultimately make their decision.

In addition, the college counselor is available to all Deerfield-Windsor students and their families. Our program begins in the 6th grade and continues through a student's senior year with increasingly more involved programming. Students are educated in the importance of establishing a strong academic record and building a unique resume that reflects their passions and gifts. Through monthly group meetings, individual counseling sessions, visits with college representatives, SAT and ACT advice and assistance with applications, interviews and scholarships- the college counselor assists creating the appropriate path for each Upper School student. 

We believe each student at DWS is unique and we consider each student's strengths, talents and preferences throughout the college counseling process. We are fully committed to helping each student find the best fit that will allow him or her to thrive, excel and contribute.