College Visits & Policies

Visiting a campus helps you get a sense of what that college — and life for its students — is like. This can make a difference when you’re deciding whether the college is a good fit for you.

When you’re planning your trips, make sure that you allow enough time to explore each college as fully as possible. Wander around the campus by yourself and imagine being a student there.

Most college websites will have a schedule of tours and information about making an appointment. You can also take advantage of the variety of colleges and universities in your own backyard. Even if you're planning to go out of state for college, visiting local colleges will help you develop a sense of what you like and don't like in a college experience and will help you learn what kinds of questions to ask on a visit.

Students must notify the Middle/Upper School office and the College Counselor as soon as you are aware of an upcoming special absence. Students who go on a college visit must complete a "College-Visit Form". Forms are available in the College Counselor's office or this website. Upon a student's return, they should turn in the form signed by a university representative and follow-up with the College Counselor either in person or through a summary e-mail. College days are considered to be excused absences and count toward the allowed ten absences per semester.